Azelaic Acid Cream

Azelaic Acid Cream

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 Azelaic Acid



Azelaic Acid is a generic medication formula useful in the treatment of acne. It has wide range of applications but in the medical sector it is used for manufacturing acne-treatment creams. We offer this medicine under the brand Aziderm, which is a highly effective cream for treating two types of acne – inflammatory acne and comedonal acne. The cream works by killing the bacteria that infect skin pores and cause acne. Azelaic Acid Cream is available in tubes of different volumes to meet the requirements in consonance with doctors prescription.


  • Effective against different types of acne
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Cost-effective
  • Dosage under doctor’s prescription
  • Dosage: 10% & 20% tube
  • Dosage: 10% & 20% tube
  •  Dosage: 10% & 20% tube