Caberlin Tablets

Caberlin Tablets

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We are reckoned among the leading merchant exporter and trader of Caberlin Tablets, which is prescribed for reducing the hormone prolactin released from pituitary gland. Caberlin contains active ingredient cabergoline which is considered a dopamine receptor agonist type of medication. It is recommended by doctors to women who experience high level of hormone level that alter their menstrual cycle or unwanted breast milk as well as infertility. Caberlin Tablets are available in 0.5mg dosage, which is considered a standard prescribed dosage.


  • Reduces hormonal release from female pituitary gland
  • Balances hormonal imbalance
  • Eliminate the cause of female infertility
  • Effective medicines with no side effects

Dosage: 0.25mg, 0.50mg, 1mg

Pack: 1x2 tabs, 1x10 tabs